Welcome to the 7th Holmfirth Film Festival. Seven days of great films, a chance to meet others and sample some of the cultural triumphs of the last year.

Despite increased streaming and changes in the distribution of film, there is still an important role for festivals in highlighting the wonderful films that are produced nationally and around the world but which are often marginalised when it comes to reaching the wider public. We hope you will discover some real gems this year and take advantage of the special offers to sample a range of films and maybe see that film that really affects the way that you see the world, or simply provides great entertainment.

We rely totally on the efforts of volunteers and the help of local businesses to put on a festival which requires a great deal of planning and sustained effort. We are also grateful for the vital financial assistance of the BFI, Kirklees and Holme Valley Parish Council. They, and we, in this time of cut-backs need your support as the arts in general are under severe pressure.

Stephen Dorril
Director Holmfirth Film Festival